"Lock in" Soundtrack to Position on slide

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"Lock in" Soundtrack to Position on slide

Postby photographer55 » Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:41 am

This is posted as a new thread because the other one was so old.

Workaround .... that works for me ...

Grab the timeline cursor indicator and slide it to the point on the slide or a convenient point at a start or stop of a transition or other place where it must coordinate with a beat or a wave form on the track. You will see that it drops down that dotted like onto the track waveform. NOW carefully lay in a volume control point at that location and reset the volume to what you want it to be ( if it drops your volume to 0)

Now you have a locked in a visual on the sound track to match that track location to on the slide strip. Yes you have to remember what you chose on the slide strip but it it is that important you will remember what you picked, or you can screen shot it and paste it to your wall!

In my case that image was in a rotation transition that stopped rotating, and I needed to get the the point shown on track to happen right at the point the rotation stopped.

BTW Is there NO way to post a screenshot image to the board??

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