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Products for Producer by Outsidetheboxstyles

Postby anitaemile » Fri Nov 08, 2019 12:51 pm

Hi all,

Being introduced to the new programs Director and Creator I've not had much time to be getting acquainted with them as I jumped in kind of late for the test group.
Many of my customers have complained about the monthly subscription price and I really understand why that is an issue. I think the new programs do offer more and there is a learning curve to go through
but I can't decide for anyone if it is worth the change. Jennifer told me she will be discontinuing creating products for Producer and Gold. I decided I will keep making more Producer products in the near future at Outsidetheboxstyles, but in the future I will be working more with the new Director program and depending on if I think it is worth the big switch I might discontinue producing products for Producer somewhere down the line.
I will be traveling the next few weeks, so no new products to be introduced this month, but I promise to work on some new styles / transitions in December.

Warm regards,
Anita Dijkers Bakker

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