Producer changed my account to an Evaluation/Free Trial

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Producer changed my account to an Evaluation/Free Trial

Postby spotlight » Wed Jun 03, 2020 4:25 am

I am working on a Producer show. Two days ago, when I rendered the show, it worked fine. Yesterday, I made some edits to the show and started to render it again, but this time, in the pop-up box that shows the progress of the rendering - there was "Evaluation" Banner showing that I am not using a Registration Key. Not sure why/how Producer kicked me out, but I looked up my last registaration key, and entered it into the correct field. Then, it said that registration key was not valid. (I copied/pasted from the registration email, so I know that it is not a typing error). I really need to finish this show. Any thoughts on how to "get back into" Producer???

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