Proshow can't load my videos

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Proshow can't load my videos

Postby tomcran » Sat Jan 18, 2020 4:18 pm

Within the past few weeks my Proshow Producer has stopped loading videos when I open a previous show. It includes a black space with the correct time of the video, but no video. Photos load fine. And no video shows when I render - just black where the video should but it does render photos. It's not because the file name has changed. That has not changed, and beyond that, there is no message that some files are missing, like there would ordinarily be if that were the problem.

If I try to load a video file into the show it just shows a black slide, the length of the video, but no actual video. This is true for videos with large MB and with small, MP4s and M2TS files, which are the only types I use and have never been a problem.

Anyone have any idea what is causing this? I use V. 5 because it produces better quality videos. I have uninstalled and re-loaded the software several times and it never makes a difference. I tried V. 6 - same thing happens. I can play these videos fine on the default video software I have on the computer. Another odd thing is when I double click on the video in the file list area on Proshow, it doesn't play on the default software (AVS), like it used to. It plays on other software. When I double click on a video file in Windows Explore it correctly plays on the default software. No issues there -- only with Proshow. I use windows 8.1

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