DVD copying problem

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DVD copying problem

Postby GramRfone » Sat Oct 05, 2019 6:42 am

Have Producer Ver 7 working from Win 7 Pro on Desktop computer. Files all on C drive.

Completed a 57 min video for you tube: uploaded OK. Wanted to make some DVD copies for contributors: set the various parameters inc add photos: selected the safe mode for rendering and then while that was happening I got on with other work on my laptop. Rendering completed OK and then a black box appeared suggesting I wait a few moments while it completed whatever it had to!

30mins later and with no sign of anything happening I attempted to close the programme. but had to do so via programme task manager as this was the only way to shut the programme down.

Reloaded the show only to find that only the first five slides were there…..the rest were just blank with not even any slide missing warnings.

Have removed both the phg and the cfg files but retained the psdata file.

Contacted ProShow several days ago and given a ticket number but no reply as yet. So I just wonder if anyone might be any the wiser on what I need to do to repair this gremlin.


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