Video tutorial - Scrolling images in PSG

Please post your tutorials here for ProShow Gold only. Provide a link if you have a file that can be downloaded by others. This is not a discussion section, but rather a source for sharing tutorials.
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Re: Video tutorial - Scrolling images in PSG

Postby VidQueen » Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:02 am

PhotoGavin wrote: It's probably a good job I don't have PSP or I'd be spending the rest of the week playing with some of it's advanced features.


Oh Yes...I'm sure there are several on this forum who can attest to the utterly addictive nature that is Producer. It comes with it's own time vaccuum. Sit down for a minute or two, play with a few features, three days later you realize that you haven't eaten, showered or slept since you first sat down :shock:

....but it's a lot of fun!

Keep it up, Gavin. I'm really thrilled to see that the Gold users have a quality teacher to guide them (I'm afraid I rarely step out of Producer).

Happy ProShowing!


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