Adding a Clear Frame to Images

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Adding a Clear Frame to Images

Postby mfalco » Sat May 15, 2010 3:16 pm

I have been asked several times about how I added the frames to some of my shows. I don't mind sharing how I have done this with you. It is not a addon for proshow. It comes from a program called Photo Studio 6 from Arc Soft. The link is

It is a photo editing program along the lines of Photoshop. If you own the program or download the trial version here is how it is done.

First open what photo you desire to edit.
Next, click on the tool bar at the top that says effects.
Next, choose framing and then clear frame.
If you like the effect then you can save the image. Note: Be sure to save it with another name as not to change the original image.
Now you can add it to the show as you would any other image.

I hope this helps you out and have fun.


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