looking for a program

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looking for a program

Postby moni » Wed Sep 30, 2009 7:15 pm

hello all i saw a slide show made for a retirment party a while back. it was really cool and have been looking for ways to do these things for months and cant find anything. maybe someone here can help

there was a winebottle that animated and a pic wrapped around it
a baby rattle with a pic
a flower pot that grew into a big flower and each pedal was a pic
a fish biting a fishing line with a pic
a wedding cake that the "top" was a pic

this is just to name a few if you know where i can go i would be sooooo happy :-) thank you in advance

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Re: looking for a program

Postby heckydog » Wed Sep 30, 2009 8:49 pm

Kinda hard to pin down those effects to one program but . . .

Try 3D-Album available here http://3d-album.com/products_explanatio ... n=VPICP310

or possibly Hollywood FX. I don't have a link for HFX because it's part of Pinnacle Studio.



Re: looking for a program

Postby moni » Thu Oct 01, 2009 6:56 am

thank you soooo much!!! very helpful!

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Re: looking for a program

Postby dzacco » Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:17 am

Magix software has templates to do those things but you have to purchase the 3D animations separately. Their program is not as professional looking as Proshow but I find it useful in some applications.

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Re: looking for a program

Postby VernonRobinson » Mon Feb 01, 2010 4:14 pm

Welcome to the forum. I think a lot of those effects can be found in Pinnacle Studio. They sell add-on packs that encompass most everything you have mentioned. The stability of the program was questionable a few years back. I left for a more stable program. It may have gotten better over time, but I have not looked back.


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