Need help with opening style

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Re: Need help with opening style

Postby just4fun » Tue Jan 04, 2011 9:32 am

That explains it perfectly, that went right over my head. :roll: I don't know if this was originally wanted for a one time use or if the poster was wanting to make this as an into for business etc. If it is something that they wanted to use over and over again, my initial reaction is that it would be worth the effort to do the titling in another program and bring it in and then save as an avi. How would others approach this?

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Re: Need help with opening style

Postby debngar » Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:02 am

just4fun wrote:Gals, I think I have the background sparkle but I don't know how to put a mask over a caption to create the fade in effect. The sparkle is just my standard .png and I lightened the transparency and set it to rotate. Speed would need to be adjusted according to length of the title and the look desired. I would be glad to send anyone the sparkle.png file or post it somewhere for common download. How do you get the mask over the top of the caption? Can you make a mask in Proshow for a caption like you can a layer?

This was initially what came to mind, a star png and displaying it that way. Certainly that's an alternative for those who want to do it that way.

The example clearly uses a gradient and I wanted to see if I could come closer to the example. I think Mona is right, no need for a mask, just use the transparent gradient tools in Producer to achieve the effect. But I didn't spend enough time creating a clean look to it like the original example.

As I explained in the tutorial, use a LONG fade right fly-in on the caption. I used 3 kf to make my example.

I don't have time to mess with this further right now as it will take more fiddling, even though I have those skills. IMO, this effect is not for beginners. There are too many things involved to get it to look right.

I'm sure it can probably be done with Bluff Titler. But I don't have that program and don't want it for now.

I believe this can be done all in Producer given more time is spent on tweaking the effect.


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