Tools for ProShow Update: v11.42a

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Tools for ProShow Update: v11.42a

Postby im42n8 » Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:25 am

This release has 57 changes since the release of v11.33a. Many of the changes were made to accommodate the change to ProShow's handling of Zoom in its release of ProShow version 9.

When Photodex implemented the FOLLOW FILTERS, it quickly discovered how broken ProShow's zoom function. This was very apparent when you tried to use zoom modifiers. Those considerations changed considerably when tilt was involved. So, Photodex made some significant changes to its handling of Zoom within ProShow.

The changes particularly affected Layer: Outlines/Frames and Modifier Zoom. These tools now provide backward compatibility to ProShow versions prior to 9, should you need that capability.

As stated before, these tools provide easy access to capabilities the ProShow allows but doesn't directly provide access to. Things like easy cropping a layer to a specific aspect. Like creating an outline of a specific and exact size that is much larger or smaller than what ProShow provides (for both Gold and Producer). However, because you have the specific size (and aspect) information, it means you also have easy access to being able to use Rotate Center effectively ... not something you can do if you manually adjust the layer visually .... until it "looks right" . . .). Want multiple layers (like your layer mask, outline, shadow layers) to use the exact same rotation point (so you can rotate or tilt the layers as if the were one) ? Photodex doesn't give you the tools to enable you to do that.

ProShow v9 gives you "FOLLOW FILTERS" but, while you can do things that you previously only could do with modifiers, it still hasn't fixed the problem with dealing with rotation points outside the boundaries of a layer ... only my Tools for ProShow can help you do that.

Finally, the OpenOffice version of the worksheet is available as well. OpenOffice is a free office suite. It's "CALC" program is a powerful worksheet with capabilities similar to Microsoft Excel. The Tools for ProShow worksheet is provided in both formats (XSLM and ODS). The latest OO release is 4.1.3 (as of this time).

If you're interested in doing what's been deemed previously "impossible" ... "difficult" ... or "too time consuming" ... or you're interested in getting the most bang for the buck out of ProShow (or, you're just curious), Tools for ProShow is for you.


What's New: Tools for ProShow: v11.42a Access ProShow capabilities Photodex doesn't provide (For PSG & PSP).
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