Creating large shows for TV via USB?

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Creating large shows for TV via USB?

Postby caprice » Mon Feb 29, 2016 12:37 pm

I want to burn a large slide show, too big to fit on a DVD, onto a USB stick to be able to play on TVs. The slideshows have over 1000 images but no music to them. they are around 3.2GB. I'm using 32GB 3.0 Flash Drives.
I have tried various things. I have tried an MPEG4 at 1080p but my two tvs wont play them.

Any thoughts?


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Re: Creating large shows for TV via USB?

Postby gpsmikey » Mon Feb 29, 2016 3:09 pm

I have created a number of shows using flash drives that play on my TV without any problem although I was using 720p mp4. I'm not sure if you are running into a size issue or if perhaps the lack of an audio track could be causing a problem. The first thing I would do is look in the users manual for the TV and make sure you are using one of the formats it expects. Then try a shorter show (see if one with an audio track will play). Figure out what works and what doesn't then we can figure out what the problem is from there, but start with the users manual for the TV and see what formats are supported (as well as what file system on the flash drive is supported - FAT32, NTFS or just what).

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