Publish format (for onward NLE)

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Publish format (for onward NLE)

Postby sargan » Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:33 am

I will be taking PSG output and using within Sony Movie Studio, ultimately to create Blu-ray disc - 1920 x 1080,50i

Be interested in advice on format to use.

I did a test ‘publish’ of same set of sample slides … with various codecs:

H264/MP4 … smooth motion, clear image
M-JPEG/MOV … smooth motion, clear image
MPEG2 … wouldn’t play on VLC or 5k but OK on MPC-HC and Splash
Can't select MPEG2 direct as options only listed for DVD ......... so I used custom video set to 60000 rate non-interlaced.

Which of the above 3 options would be the best for image quality and for onwards use in an NLE, intermediate file size is irrelevant.

The media info for the 3 options is on this file: ... _info.html

Welcome advice

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