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gotta know

Postby iltdo » Wed Mar 21, 2007 5:36 am

I posted this in the psp general discussion but maybe it should go here instead:

Does any one know what program or programs were used to make the slideshow on this web site?

I've played around with proshow gold and Memories on TV, and now I'm looking at producer... but the slideshows on this site have a style that reminds me more of flash than anything and I've spent hours looking around trying to find out what they may have used to make them. Something like adobe after effects?

Curiosity is killing me. Maybe psp will do these and I just haven't experimented enough. These have the elegance of hallmark cards.

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Hi Iltdo

Postby DanDan » Wed Mar 21, 2007 6:34 am

I only looked at a couple of those. The visual quality is terrible, and I am not impressed. The pictures and text are all so pixilated, nothing is clear. It may be the format. I did not see anything in those two short samples that can not be done in PSG 3.0,or Producer 3.0. With some of the elements you may need an assist with an image editor like Photoshop or Paint Shop. The hallmark elegance you mentioned is not due to the program being used, but to the experience of the designer or stylist. You can, with practice do the same thing with PSG 3.0 at a much higher visual quality.
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Postby iltdo » Wed Mar 21, 2007 8:45 am

I'll experiment with producer and see what I can come up with. The creative use of the colored shapes and lines, and one in particular, (the one that begins with the pic of tulips), I thought couldn't be done in Gold. Not that I'm an expert.... :(

The quality was so bad because of the amount of compression they used to make it load quicker for people with dial up. I can see the designer's skills though.

Thanks for the info. At least now I know that if I want to design something similar, Producer has the capabilities to do it.

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