The PanosFX Snow Globe - AV Tutorial, Demo Sample, etc.

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The PanosFX Snow Globe - AV Tutorial, Demo Sample, etc.

Postby Lin Evans » Sat Mar 03, 2007 5:20 pm

Hi folks,

Some have asked about this so I thought I would post a link to some of my tutorials and samples. Following are links to a Flash 8 tutorial which covers how to use the Panos Snow Globe Action to place your own image inside the Panos Snow Globe. The AV Tutorial also covers how to use the resulting file with PicturesToExe Betas to create snow animations inside the globe. Also a link to my PTE template which you can use by simply renaming the jpg you create with the Panos action (Photoshop and Elements) to create snow animations. After creating the PicturesToExe animation you can then create an AVI file to place in a PSG or PSP slideshow, or simply use the PTE file directly in any PTE slideshow.

There is also a PDF tutorial outline. My template includes a snow.png file as well as a panostest.png file which you can use directly in PSG/PSP then animate the snow yourself.

Finally a link to a low res Flash 8 sample and a link to a zipped high resolution executable slideshow in which I used this Snow Globe so you can determine if it's something you wish to use yourself. (AV Flash 8 tutorial) (PDF outline) (PTE Template including the PNG files) (low resolution Flash 8 sample) (34 megabyte zipped executable slideshow)

You get the PanosFX action free when you register on Panos' website. There is a link from my low resolution demo sample to both Wnsoft (PicturesToExe) and PanosFX websites.

To play a Flash 8 swf show you need a Flash 8 or Flash 9 player installed. Also the latest version of IrfanView and the IrfanView plugins will play Flash 8.

Best regards,


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