Best shipping method?

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Postby DickK » Sun Feb 11, 2007 2:06 pm

It's not intuitive at all, especially since if you print the negative, a scan of the resulting print at anything more than ~150-200ppi is overkill for resolution (tho' I routinely use 300 just cause I can). Especially with Kodachrome, slides the grain is so fine that a really hires (>3000ppi) scan is needed to get all information there to be had. Per comments in another thread, more of what I learned via Wayne Fulton's scantips site.

I've shot a little of that film. The challenging one for me was always K25--same less than half stop latitude and obviously demands bright sun. But, oh, man the color and resolution! 90% of my slides are K64 tho' which wasn't a whole lot more tolerant.
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