A Handy Guide to Creative Commons Licenses

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A Handy Guide to Creative Commons Licenses

Postby Aida » Sun Dec 18, 2016 5:51 pm

Below is a link to the Creative Commons Licenses website, where the various types of CC licenses
are explained in non-legalese language -- which I can in fact understand :lol: 8) It’s also clearly explained
how to properly credit the creator of the music piece if we use her/his work in a video. Attribution
is a condition of all CC licenses.

I thought all this information, which I found a couple of years ago, very useful to me as in my videos
I mostly use free music available under a Creative Commons License & I wanted to be sure I was giving
the artists proper credit & in the correct form.

In case other ProShow Enthusiasts are interested, here's the link:

The Creative Commons article also lists various organizations, among them THE FREE MUSIC
, which has thousands of free Creative Commons licensed songs available
in many different music genres. Just Google the name to get there.

Happy ProShowing & Joyful Holidays everybody,
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