Use profile projector

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Use profile projector

Postby oeta » Fri Dec 12, 2014 6:41 am

Hello everyone,
A friend of mine recently bought a projector and we always used with a calibration done by eye.
The monitors we use are profiled with Spyder3 Pro and so we never had big differences in shade.
Now my friend came in possession of the profiler X-Rite i1Display Pro and created the icm profile for vpr.
Now there is a doubt as we use this profile?
We have PCs with Windows 8.1, and in the "Color Management" Windows as we put as "the default profile icm monitor product with Spyder3 Pro; and also in the" Advanced "tab of Windows 8.1 under" Device Profile "We always put the icm monitor.
But the profile of icm vpr where we put it so, when we project the show, that profile is used by the system?
Thanks for any replies.

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