Article on uploading videos to YouTube at 60frames p/sec

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Article on uploading videos to YouTube at 60frames p/sec

Postby Aida » Wed Dec 03, 2014 11:53 am

Earlier today Photodex posted an article on its blog that might be of interest to many
Proshow Enthusiasts.

:arrow: Upload Your Slideshows to YouTube at 60 Frames Per Second
[written by Alex]
Here's the opening paragraph of this informative article:
“Why does my slideshow not look smooth when I upload it to YouTube?” It’s a question
I get from time to time, and I have to explain that ProShow is not doing anything wrong
when creating the video. It’s just the fact that YouTube – and frankly all video on the internet
– is limited to 30 frames per second. In other words, you are effectively seeing only 30 possible
movements in any given second. To get smoothness that is close to the limit of what human
eye can see (or more importantly, what your monitor can display), the frame rate needs to be
60 frames per second.

To read the full article, go here: ... er-second/
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