Tools for ProShow Update: v11.33a

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Tools for ProShow Update: v11.33a

Postby im42n8 » Sat Jul 22, 2017 9:39 pm

88 changes, mostly under the hood, have been made since the last update. Overall, the changes provide easier use of the tools and more functionality. The Layer: Outlines/Frames tool has been given a significant work over. The Cropping tool has been enhanced. The angles formed by a diagonal line that extends from corner to the opposite corner of layer's corner are given. This can prove helpful for certain rotation - associated work. Nit-noid stuff to be sure ... but, sometimes it's handy to know.

The Cover Layer during Rotation and the Largest Width During Rotation tools have had their equations significantly enhanced. An example of this use here is with the Cover layer during rotation. If you want to create an outline changes color or appears to move in place (like having a bright spot move along the layer's edge), allows you to use a mask that is just slightly larger than the image layer. This mask masks a multi-colored layer that rotates. This tool provides the minimum size necessary to rotate that layer through a complete rotation without any of that layer NOT covering the region exposed by the mask. Previously these two tools worked well only for the fill frame scale. The width reported is now accurate for all of scales.

There's a comparison between the widths of layers (you never know when that might prove helpful). There is a tool that tells how much screen is on each of the layer's sides. This can be helpful for judicious placement of the layer help.

Need to know the zoom a layer needs to achieve a specific width and/or height for a given scale setting? Easy. It also provides the width and height of that same layer if it was rotated at 90-degrees (or the equivalent of changing from a landscape orientation to a portrait orientation).

Need to find the exact location of a layer that's been rotated on a rotation center? ProShow won't tell you what it is. Because the layer's position was changed as a result of rotating on something other than layer center, the layer's physical position is no longer the location given in the layer's pan values. There's a tool to tell you exactly where that layer is on the screen.

Photodex's rotate center implementation allows you to rotate a layer on some part of the layer ... anywhere between plus or minus 50. But, you cannot chose a specific point on the screen around which to rotate a layer. If you have found that right spot with your current setup, all you have to do is change the layer's aspect a little, its size, its position, or its scale and you have to spend considerable time and effort to get that rotation spot again. There's a tool provided that makes that effort trivial. You chose the spot you want the layer to rotate around and the tool gives you the information you need.

For anyone wanting more control over their resources than what Photodex currently provides, Tools for ProShow is what you need. There's a considerable amount of capability in ProShow that Photodex doesn't provide direct access to.

UPDATE: With this release, an OpenOffice version of the worksheet is included. OpenOffice is a free, Open Source suite of applications similar to Microsoft's Office Suite or WordPerfects' Office suite of applications. The latest version, 4.1.3 was used to convert the Excel version into an ODS worksheet (ODS being the native format for OO). Functionally, the two formats are identical. M$ Excel is about $150 to buy ... OO: free. Heck of a price comparison!

What's New: Tools for ProShow: v11.42a Access ProShow capabilities Photodex doesn't provide (For PSG & PSP).
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