Tools for ProShow Update: v11.21

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Tools for ProShow Update: v11.21

Postby im42n8 » Tue Jul 04, 2017 2:03 pm

I haven't done much with ProShow in some time now. Not a whole lot of new stuff going on and not a whole lot of free time to do much work with it anyway for the last 8 months or so. However, I recently finish off a bunch of changes in the worksheet, many minor and some not quite so minor. The result is v11.21.

This is a Microsoft Excel 2013 worksheet (2010 and later will work fine with it). I tried to keep an OpenOffice/LibreOffice version available but neither is up to the task.

The following are a few of the changes made:

• Providing a layer aspect for use by many of the Tools is now much more flexible than in previous releases.
• Dropdown lists are now much easier to identify.
• Numerous tweaks of the calculations were made to make them faster, overall. Some were simplified.
• The reset buttons (macro driven) now work only within their respective sections.

Layer: Aspect/Dimensions (User Values) replaces Layer Information.
...The option to enter the layer’s scale was removed.
...The tool using the selected layer makes the scale selection as appropriate.
...A selection of a pre-defined aspect is now provided for each user aspect value.

...Select one of the three user provided aspects.
...Or, select a predefined aspect from the dropdown list.
...Select the desired scale for the layer.

Rotation: Location of Layer. This tools provides the actual location of a layer that has been rotated on a non-zero rotate center. A layer’s location is defined by its center point. So, when the layer is rotated on a point other than its center, it’s physical location is not what ProShow reports. Additionally, if you provide a desired position at which to place the layer, the appropriate pan values (location) to place it there are provided.

Layer: Outlines/Frames. Considerably revamped and enhanced. When a Change in Zoom is given for the normalized axis (except for Safe Zone selections), it is doubled and added to the final zoom for that axis (effectively, the change in zoom is the amount for EACH layer side). The tool provides the ability to create a Polaroid outline (one size much larger than the other three).

• The ∆ ↔↕ (delta width and height) tool simply shows the difference in width and height between the Findings Layers 1, 2, and 3. This can prove helpful if you need to comparing layer sizes.

NOTE: many of the tools are compatible with both GOLD and PRODUCER. Those tools dealing with modifiers or modifier functions are not compatible. Also, when choosing an option in a tool that requires different zoom settings for each axis. Of particular interest for Gold users might be the Layer: Outlines/Frames tool. Gold has only one outline and it's narrow and pretty darned pathetic. This tool provides Gold users with outlining or framing features previously only available to Producer users.
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