Tools For ProShow (Updated: v10.17f1)

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Tools For ProShow (Updated: v10.17f1)

Postby im42n8 » Fri Dec 16, 2016 5:11 pm

My first release of these tools was over 2 years ago. At the time, it was composed of only 9 tools. As time went I, I kept adding tools as I needed them and as I learned more about ProShow. There's a lot of capability in ProShow that Photodex does not provide you direct access to. I've managed to ferret out some of its secrets over time. Those went into the tools so that I wouldn't have to re-invent them when next I needed their capabilities. Some of the tools are pretty darned simple ... but they save time. Others are far from simple. However, I've made them as simple as possible to use.

Some of the tools are regularly used while others are used only as needed. Many of them can be used by ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer users. For instance, the outlining feature in Gold is dismal. My Layer: Outlines/Frames lets a ProShow Gold user create outlines or even frames (the frames would need to be created in a bitmap editor) much like the capability offered by ProShow Producer. This provides outlines of any size using a graphic or a cropped layer.

The text box was provided in release 8 or ProShow. Handy little beauty. But, it's got some quirks, that's for sure. One of the tools, Text Box Aspect, lets you create a text box at a specific aspect. In case you ever need such a capability, this tool makes it easy. Sure, you can eyeball the text box size but, when you need to know specifics, this tool is handy.

Then there's Text Position. Text is positioned differently on the screen than layers. Text's zero point is at the screen's upper left corner and it's 100% point is in the lower right. Layer's zero point is screen center with 50% of the layer on each side. This tool, Text Position, translates between the two positioning systems. You want to know what the screen position is of a caption? Or maybe you want to know what the text position would be for a particular screen location. This works for both caption or a text layer (since the text positioning for both is the same .... the complication for the text layer is that it's actual screen position is changed if the text layer itself changes).

Then, there's Text Box Findings. Using the positioning information within the Text Position tool, you can find a number of positioning pieces of information concerning the text layer. That is, the exact position of the text box's corners, sides, or center. Then, if you change the text box's alignment, the whole text box moves. If you want to put the text box back where it came from (exactly) this tool tells you. Too, if you position the text box wrong, it can get clipped. That's because the caption may extend beyond the screen or the layer. This tool tells you that... and what part(s) of the text box are clipped. This can be handy when you're designing things. It provides information that ProShow doesn't. When you need that information, it's nice to have it ... instead of trying to figure it out from scratch. This tool can save lots of time.

Lots of improvement and minor bug fixes ... and LOTS of capability, if you're interested!

This is a link to a web page with a bit more overview information. At the bottom of that screen is a link to the overview of these tools. I tried to be brief ... it's 42 minutes long (for now) . . . and it's only a quick overview.
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