Producer 9 Closes due to program low memory

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Producer 9 Closes due to program low memory

Postby wolfes5 » Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:53 am

This is my first post and I'm not very computer literate. I usually use a Mac and I use a Lenova laptop for producing one slideshow every year for my rowing club banquet. The shows are usually about 25 minutes long and have multiple soundtracks and some video and I've never had any issues. I upgraded to ProShow Producer 9 for this newest show, and the show has more video (funny interviews that someone submitted to me...not action). After putting together about 17 minutes I got the ProShow is low on memory warning and it closed. I couldn't get the show to open long enough for me to take a look at it and remove some of the video clips to see if that would help. Eventually I uninstalled the program, installed it again and had time to remove a couple of things and eventually divided the show into two for now. So...I have a couple of questions. Does the size of the photos used impact the ProShow memory? I haven't resized all of them and some are rather large files and will dividing the shows and then combining them for rendering (I tried this with the 17minutes I have so far and it looked great) help with the software's memory issue? (my laptop has virtually nothing on it...I only use it once a year) I'd like to add another 8 minutes to the show but a little unclear if the combining of the smaller shows is really a workaround. Thank you for any help or knowledge that would help.

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Re: Producer 9 Closes due to program low memory

Postby DonM » Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:24 am

You may want to see what memory usage is when you have one of the smaller shows running.
To do this: press Ctrl+Alt+Delete all simultaneously
On the screen that shows up Select Task Manager then Performance then Memory
You will see your gross memory usage
To Further refine which applications are using the memory select Open Resource Monitor shown at bottom of the page.

Some of these may be closed by you to provide additional available memory.


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