Sound Track Issues

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Sound Track Issues

Postby jjjdolfan » Wed Feb 01, 2017 7:51 am

Hi everyone, I created a slide show for my Association and everything seemed fine when testing out on local computer. Once it was played on a large screen with professional sound system I noticed the sound track was going up and down in volume.

I do have Narration/Voice Over and I have the Soundtrack set to go down to 30% during slide sounds (Voice Over). But the issue I discovered was when I had other slide effects the Sound Track went down. So I had an intro slide where the voice over is added, then on the next slide I have a video lower thirds to display the company name and award won but the sound track volume would go down on each lower third.

Here is a link of my video on youtube

The issues starts around the 421 mark. Listen how the voice over lowers the Theme music which is good but then the next slide the Them music goes down with the lower third then pops back up after the lower third goes away.

The lower third video clip has no sound. The layer settings has the volume to 100% and in effects settings the Soundtrack is also set to 100%. Should I have put the layer setting volume to 0%? Not sure what caused the sound to go up and down during the lower thirds.

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