Cache Corruption?

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Cache Corruption?

Postby flhsteve » Thu Aug 18, 2016 11:53 am

I have copied show files to a new computer and upgraded Producer to 8.0.3648 (Win 10). Everything was working fine on the old computer with Producer 6.

Some jpg image files are shown in the File List with strange characters at the end of the file name for example abc.jpg[][]N. The thumbnails for these images flash continuously in the PSP browser and when you try to add them to a show there is an Unrecognised File error.

These images open normally in Photoshop etc. Replacing the file, re-saving the file, moving the file – nothing works. The only way to get Producer to treat this as a normal jpg is to move the file out into a different drive or to rename it.

I guess that this is some sort of cache corruption – if so, how do I re-fresh the cache? I have tried deleting and proshow.cfg without success.

Many thanks in advance…. Steve.

NB My earlier post in this same forum today covers a different cache problem that I have. The symptoms are different but maybe they are connected?

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Re: Cache Corruption?

Postby gpsmikey » Thu Aug 18, 2016 1:54 pm

I have not seen anybody else with a problem like this so, I am thinking it is local to your machine. If you use windows explorer to view the same folders, do all the file names look correct in explorer? I'm still running win 7/64 (and not about to go to 10 either !!!) so I can't experiment and see if it is a win 10 issue. I have not seen anything like that in windows 7 though.

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Re: Cache Corruption?

Postby cherub » Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:57 pm

flhsteve wrote:I have copied show files to a new computer and upgraded Producer to 8.0.3648 (Win 10). Everything was working fine on the old computer with Producer 6.

You are not saying how you copied the show files.
The best way to copy show files from one computer to another, is by using the function "Collect Show Files".
This procedure will copy everything used in your show in a directory of your choice, with several folders: Audio, Video, Image and separately, the show file (psh file). The cache file (pxc) is not being collected, unless you attempt to open the collected show.
It is not necessary to collect the cache file, and if by any chance you end up having a pxc file in this new directory, it is safe to simply delete it.

When you have everything in a separate directory on your old computer you can copy the whole directory to your new computer.

The cache file will be recreated automatically when you open the show on the new computer.

This is also my answer for your other thread.

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Re: Cache Corruption?

Postby flhsteve » Fri Aug 19, 2016 7:32 am

Thank you so much for your replies, but the mystery deepens;

I still have access to my old system with PSP6 so I re-collected the show files and copied them to the new computer under PSP8. I have also fully uninstalled PSP8 (using CCleaner afterwards) and re-installed it. I have deleted and proshow.cfg. I have even deleted the Explorer thumbnails in case they are involved in some way. I've done all of these things individually and collectively.

Whatever I do, the offending images are seen as corrupt by PSP if, and only if, they are on the D drive. If they are on any other internal or external drive they are fine.

NB I have not actually opened the show today - the images are shown as corrupt in the PSP file viewer. The images are absolutely fine in Photoshop and other viewers. The filenames are normal.

So - my conclusion is that there is another mystery cache somewhere that persists in recording these images as corrupt. But where is it?

I know enough now to get around the problem by renaming the files but this would be a lot of work and my curiosity is aroused!

Oh .. a new clue .. when I drag and drop one of these images into a new empty show the error message is "you have selected both image and sound files. You may only drop a single sound or any number of images into the slideshow window". Does that help at all?


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