Styles are Missing Files

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Styles are Missing Files

Postby duglas50 » Wed Jan 08, 2020 10:53 pm

I just re-opened a show that I completed and got the missing files alert. It appears that some of the styles that I used are missing files. For example the slide style, Lighted Reflection 1, is missing the file vignette3.png. The file is located in the correct place which is ProgramData/Photodex/ProShow/Styles/Cache/Lighted Reflelction 1/vignette3 but ProShow is telling me it is an unsupported file format. It's a png file because under type it shows it as a png file. What can I do to correct this? Thanks.
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Re: Styles are Missing Files

Postby nasar » Sat Feb 22, 2020 3:38 pm

I also got this issue. To resolve this I saved the show and closed Producer. On re-opening I got the message that there were missing files. This then gives you the opportunity to locate each of the missing files from the location that you correctly identified.

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