Bluray menu with video is reduced in time

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Bluray menu with video is reduced in time

Postby Ichisuke » Tue Jun 16, 2015 3:49 am

So... I made this project with Proshow Gold 7. I made the menu and created a DVD. Everything is fine.
The menu is a full screen video with anything else in the layers except a caption as title and the play button on the lower right corner.
The problem comes when I try to make a Bluray version. The menu is not encoded completely. In the encoding preview you can see that it just encodes the first seconds(20 seconds of a 1:29 video) and plus at the end there is no audio in that small section of video. This doesn't occur in the DVD version....
I've tried encoding the blu ray at 1080i PAL so that the video runs at 25fps like it should, but it doesn't change anything.
Tried with a completely different video clip (not related to the DVD/BD content) and I got the same treatment: 20 seconds of a 5 minutes video....
What's the problem...? Is there some kind of "time limit" for bluray menus?
SOLVED!: I havce to add the music to the "soundtrack" option. So I just added the same mp4 file. I don't have to do this with the DVD menu....

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