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(Solved) portrait video clips get flipped horizontally

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(Solved) portrait video clips get flipped horizontally

Postby Ichisuke » Tue Apr 21, 2015 6:22 am

SOLVED everything
Hi there,
I'm using the latest demo version, I'm actually trying it out for deciding to buy it, but I've encountered two problems.
SOLVED the audio one(it was a mistake I made without noticing, sorry -_-")

The second problem is that I have some video clips taken in portrait mode(with a smartphone) and the style is "vignette blend light 1", but when I make the rendering all these slides get flipped in landscape mode o_O.
In the project of course everything is fine. I'm gonna trying to use another style but if the problem is still there what should I do?
EDIT: change style problem remains. Portrait videos get flipped horizontally in the rendered video.
If I watch the video in the preview inside the slide option the program open my default program(pot player) and the video is played strangely stretch.
If I open it directly with pot player from the folder the video is played correctly, if I open it in vlc the video is played flipped horizontally(like proshow render it at the end).

SOLVED: To solve this I had to edit all the videos with another program and force them to stay horizontally, luckily without the need of reencoding them.
This way I just have to import the "new" videos and Proshow recognize them as if they were in landscape and I just have to rotate them in portrait inside the slide.

BTW: sorry for my english

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