Video not rendering correctly

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Video not rendering correctly

Postby SteveFromOz » Mon Mar 16, 2015 6:03 pm

Hi all,

I have come across an interesting problem. I create a show sequence and use an image as the background. If I create an MP4 or AVI file, the background does not show until the last slide in that sequence. The last slide was created as a copy of the sequence so I could hold the end of the style on screen for a few seconds instead of it fading to the next slide.

However, if I create an executable it works fine. Now get this. After creating the executable, I create an MP4 or AVI and it works fine. There must be a setting I am missing. Could someone help please? If I close PSG and reopen after creating the exe and then the video, the problem repeats until I create an exe file. I hope that explains what is going on. Seems like a cache issue of some sort, as once a correct file is in cache, the video conversion works fine.


Update 19 March.

I redid the show in the same way AFAIK and it now works fine!


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