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Post a link to your shows created with ProShow Producer and get feedback from others. Please include a short description or title for each show link along with the approximate running time. If you don't want to chance getting criticism, please don't post your show.
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Forum Rules

Postby MG - Admin » Sun Mar 30, 2008 6:16 pm

Due to some members not understanding or respecting the spirit of this forum I need to make the following comments:

These are a few new rules:

1) You are allowed to post links to shows that you create regardless of content (except anything illegal) for others to view.

2) All follow-up discussions relating to the creation of the show is allowed.

3) Any discussion related only to the content of the show may be deleted at any time if it serves no purpose other than to provoke an argument or impose your beliefs on others. There will be no exceptions to this.

3) Repeat offenders will have their accounts suspended for any length of time I see fit, which may include being indefinite.

4) Continue to be creative and willing to share your thoughts with the other members of the forum. This forum is about using the software, not making political or religious statements.

5) Be nice to everyone!

I'd appreciate everyone understanding this and cooperating. Thank you!


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