Bye bye

Post a link to your shows created with ProShow Producer and get feedback from others. Please include a short description or title for each show link along with the approximate running time. If you don't want to chance getting criticism, please don't post your show.
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Bye bye

Postby northward » Thu Jan 30, 2020 4:08 am

Bye bye, Photodex (but hopefully not Proshow Producer). Just like Brexit, it was not a graceful departure. Such is life.
Nevertheless, I rank PSP as number 2 in importance in my own development, a close runner-up to Photoshop. So thanks to the people behind it, you made a difference.

A little show as a farewell. It has been a dismal grey and rainy winter so far in large parts of Europe, all the way up to Northern Sweden. Luckily I had a little camera in my pocket when a rare sunny opportunity knocked. I was in an upbeat mood during the half hour I had on hand for some pictures. I almost felt like dancing around in nature... Carpe diem. The following days were as drab as ever.
All the best
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Re: Bye bye

Postby quetzal » Mon Feb 03, 2020 12:50 pm

thank for that real break. quetzal

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Re: Bye bye

Postby PhotoMill » Sat Feb 22, 2020 7:01 pm

Thank you for this one Wolf. Always a treat to see anything that you post.

FWIW, I have taken to some of the productions that have been on MHZnetworks locally via PBS channels. In particular a show series called BECK. It is produced in Norway and Sweden. I think that since the beginning of December of last year (2019), I have pigged out in watching every one of the show's series. Regardless of the subtitles, the scriptwork is nothing short of perfect and would give a good run for the money on anything produced in the US. I just wish they had continued with the show after series #8. If you have not seen BECK yet, I suggest you spend some time in front of the screen. Priceless acting and all native to you.

Hopefully, it's not as you say, "Bye Bye". The other program is going to be an excellent replacement for our beloved Photodex. Many people are working hard to make it so. I think that the biggest "need" here is just time. At this point in time, consider Photopia as just coming out of the juvenile stage. When it evolves to it's "adult" stage, it will be a prize piece of programming.

Hope to see you here: at some point in the near future. Perhaps you could start posting some of your work there.

Take care...
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