2015 and the best yet

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2015 and the best yet

Postby trailertrash » Sat Aug 29, 2015 5:20 am

Its that time of year again... oh god noooo I hear you cry! Yes its the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2015.
This years performance is the best I have seen in the 10 years we've been going. It was fast paced and varied with new acts inc the Band of the Chinese Army and their dancers.
The Drum Corps have upgraded their act and we had the USAF Silent Rifle Drill team [ My Favourite ]. I used one piece of Video from the internet because it was made public and I got the authors permission [ The entry of the massed bands ]. The sound track is from the official CD from the Tattoo Office at cost. The show itself is 8:28 secs and that's just to do justice to each act!

My former Regiment was well represented and included in the show. Recognisable by the Van Dyke on their dress caps and Bearskins and the white Bearskin on the drummer.

I sent this to youtube rather than upload to Photodex and its best viewed in HD [ 1080 ] and in full screen. I hope you see something you like. [ Original Template by ChoiceSlides.com ]


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Re: 2015 and the best yet

Postby Diane48 » Sat Oct 03, 2015 6:37 pm

Hi Andrew
I watched this show when you first posted it and meant to comment then but as is the case these days I got busy doing other things. I really enjoyed your show and I liked the way you produced it in the photo album. I also liked that the photos in the album were not all symmetrically arranged but some were overlapping as in a real photo album.
The Tattoo was on our TV last night and I enjoyed it a lot. I must say that the Silent Rifle Drill Team and Top Secret were my favorite parts. I was ticking things off in my memory of what I had seen in your show as I was watching.
Next February the Royal Edinburgh Tattoo comes to Melbourne and we are off to see it. I managed to get fantastic seats and am really looking forward to a once in a lifetime event. Hopefully I will take some good photos and maybe post a show.
After watching the show last night I rewatched your show and I think you captured the excitement of the event and represented each of the acts well. A very enjoyable show.

Thank you for posting
Cheers, Diane

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