A Winter's Spell

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A Winter's Spell

Postby northward » Tue Feb 05, 2019 4:11 am

Clear, calm, cold conditions. Camera goes warm. Hard to grasp that I'm still inside city limits. An undeclared nature area. Quite a few times I have walked and scrambled around here before, but never on such a winter's day. Not a single trace of the big city nearby. And no joggers, no dog walkers, no kids, just nobody at all. A sense of "irreality" in time and place hangs in the air. An atmosphere that I try to breathe in. A spellbinding presence that's hard to let go, hard to turn away from.
Later the pictures show everything that was around me with blinding clarity. Yet, somehow they did not quite reflect the emotional surge that went through me at the time. What could I do about that --- Maybe this called for some kind of experimentation with the images. A tweak that would give them a hint of "something else". What I came up with was a sandwich-technique in Photoshop, starting with two identical layers of the same image. The upper layer then was converted to black and white plus a graphic effect. This manipulated layer then received a certain degree of transparency so the unchanged color layer shines through. Both layers then are merged into one (quite a basic method that many have tried). At least in this technical way a "literal" rendition and a subjective expression coexist in the final image.
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Re: A Winter's Spell

Postby Bob R » Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:38 pm

Interesting process. It is apparent that the original photos were very well done and the landscape beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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