Parent's Wish

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Parent's Wish

Postby lindonalta » Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:31 pm

With my 91 yr old father now in a nursing home, it has been difficult at times to understand how he feels.
I remembered about my Parent's Wish show that I did a few years ago and I watched it once again to remind me of the important things.

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Re: Parent's Wish

Postby PhotoMill » Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:42 pm

This evening I checked out the "Gold" area of the forum and noted your entry. I also noted that there were no comments but a lot of views. I just had to take a peek to see why the lack of comment.

Your show was paced well and the music was certainly appropriate. Aside from everything else that would have enhanced the video, the message remains as a very valid one. Unfortunately, we as humans try to defy that inevitable time of life and so we elect not to be reminded of it. But, non the less, we have to pay attention to it and your video was a great reminder. The message was certainly subtle enough and presented without "slide glitz". If I were to do this myself, I would use personal photos at full res, not stock pics. I hope you get a chance to visit your elderly Dad and take photos especially at this Christmas time of year. Your message could be reset for full screen viewing with great impact. I wouldn't change the text.

It was good ! I liked it, especially the "new technology" aspect. I am currently going through this with my own father (87) so, the message hits home at this end.

Merry Christmas !!

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