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New Show

Postby mfalco » Sat Nov 23, 2013 8:29 am

I visit this site every now and then to check out the shows and once in a while post one that I do. I usually don't leave any comments. Sorry about that but I not very good at what to say. Most of the shows I see make mine seem very poor. I spend most of my time I'm working on trying to take good photograhs and on my photo share site. If you've commented on any of my previous shows I want to thank you. If not... that's quite ok too. I just post for giving others something to look at. This show is "Autumn Leaves / Autumn Skies" It contains some old and new pictures. I've limited it to 3 minutes 30 seconds. Have fun and a blessed day.

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Re: New Show

Postby Mokummer » Sun Nov 24, 2013 2:37 pm

Hi mfalco

Again like my last comment on your flower show; this one is also a very nice show. Beautiful photography and music, very enjoyable! :D
It actually made me a bit homesick; in Holland were I'm from, the Autumns are exactly like what your are showing.

mfalco wrote:Most of the shows I see make mine seem very poor.

I'm not sure what that made you think that about yourself, There is nothing wrong with your slide shows!
This show tells me that you have a keen eye for nature and its beauty and that you are a good photographer as well!!

It's a pity that you keep removing your slide shows; I don't understand why?
I dare you to repost that beautiful Flower Slideshow and do leave comments!

I've said enough.



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