Quick and Easy for Shannon.

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Quick and Easy for Shannon.

Postby Floyd » Sun Jul 29, 2012 2:35 pm

My friend, Shannon, is new to digital photography and I am trying to give her some help.

She had six months worth of photos, that is 2,267 photos, stored in her camera's memory card. I explained why that was not a good idea, so we downloaded all her pictures to my computer and I introduced her to Adobe Lightroom.

Shannon is most definitely an outgoing people person and her pictures reflect her personality. Every picture is a picture of someone.

I used the first pictures from the download plus several from a backyard barbeque and pool party. Just enough for a short slideshow. I made only quick edits, mostly for exposure and cropped everything to a 1x1 aspect ratio. My purpose was to impress her on how easy it is to share your photos. ProShow 5's wizard did the rest and I thought my music choice was very appropriate.

Shannon was amazed and is very encouraged to get going on sharing her photography with her family and friends.

Helping people understand my enthusiasm for photography is almost as fulfilling as taking the pictures.

Title: You've Got A Friend In Me. Time: 2:42. Music from Toy Story, Randy Newman's "You've Got A Friend In Me"
Nothing objectionable

Your comments about anything you see or hear are appreciated. Remember this show was intended to demonstrate ProShow and Lightroom being "Quick and Easy".


Thanks, Floyd...

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