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Collage Slides For Dogs

Mon Jun 27, 2016 9:10 am

Hi! newbie here :D I use proshow producer to make videos for the dog rescue I help here in the uk, I am trying to make a video showing the photos of all of our dogs adopted so far, there are 828 individual pictures and I have cut the video down to just over 10 minutes by using a 3 pics slide, but I am having complaints that the photos are going too quickly :( I slowed the pictures down but then the show was on a lot longer and they complained about that then lol. I have looked everywhere for a simple (and easy cos Im thick) style similar to the one I used below for the dogs but I cannot find one that has say 10 pics per style not just 3, I tried merging them but it didnt do anything :'( I have tried other collage styles but they crop the names of the dogs off :( Also I have looked everywhere for dog themed templates and styles (paws, bones etc) and I cannot find any anywhere so when I saw this feature requests forum I thought I would try my luck here & ask :) thanks for reading this and hopefully you can help me! :) mxx

This is the slideshow I made so you can see what i mean :)


Re: Collage Slides For Dogs

Mon Jun 27, 2016 2:32 pm

Michelle -

There ARE (at least one or two) styles that do allow you to "stack" the pictures, then have them peel off one at a time to show off each of (10 or so?) pictures in the stack.

But, I wonder, are you saying that you want to show all 828 pictures? That might lead to a lot of yawns in the audience! (Don't get me wrong, my wife and I love dogs too, but that's a mighty lot of pictures to be viewing!)

Another way is to use the 16:9 ratio, position three pictures across the "screen", and have them peel off, one from stack A, the next from stack B, the next from stack C, and then back to Stack A, etc., for the next layer of images. At least this will save you the transition time, but you'll still have almost 280 pic's per stack!!!

Is there any way you might group the photos/dogs, maybe to show all the spaniels, all the "working dogs," all the miniatures, etc.? By grouping you might be able to get say 5-8 dogs per screen, but still requiring about 100 or more slides.

If you cannot find that/those styles that stack and then peel off the slides, let me know and I'll search for it! As a start, try, in the Styles menu, "All Categories" and "10+ Layers."

Best of luck with your project!

- Dean A.

Re: Collage Slides For Dogs

Tue Jun 28, 2016 1:19 am

Thanks Dean! yes unfortunately Im trying to show all 828 dogs lol every week theres more adopted so more to add too, yes I have bunched up some of the dogs already, I was just hoping there was a template out there that could make life easier for those of us who are showing such a lot of photos, I did use the brilliant wall of memories template for our fosters video but that didnt have so many photos, and I didnt want the dogs in frames, thanks again for your reply! :) mx
P.S I have tried loads of different styles but a lot crop the names off the pictures for some reason, I shall give your suggestion a go thanks!

Re: Collage Slides For Dogs

Wed Jun 29, 2016 7:13 am

Being a fellow dog lover, I agree with Dean's comments. The old joke about "good and fast" pick one sort of applies here. Perhaps splitting it into multiple shows would work - often people don't know exactly what dog they are interested in, but they do have a pretty good idea if they want a big dog, mid sized one or a little one. Splitting it that way could help them narrow it down - if they were not sure, they could view say the show for small dogs and the one for mid sized ones. People, in general. have a limited attention span (some shorter than others :evil: ), 800+ dogs (or anything else) in a show usually results in eyes glazing over and them forgetting what they are looking at. Breaking it up into multiple shows could help hold their attention. It would be more work, but you could even split it by long haired and short haired ones (I have 2 samoyeds - they love cold/snow and love to be outside if it is cold - entirely different from a little fuzzy lap dog and people that want the fuzzy lap dog don't want a samoyed and samoyed lovers while they would probably be interested in a Siberian, Malamute or other similar dog are not looking for a fuzzy lap dog. My two enjoying the last of a brief snow:

Re: Collage Slides For Dogs

Wed Jun 29, 2016 1:26 pm

Mikey your dogs are gorgeous!!! The show isnt for dogs needing homes its the dogs who have been rehomed, the owners love seeing their dogs in the video and are always asking for a Dogs rehomed Video im just trying to find a way of making it shorter :) I still cant find any "dog themed" templates or styles :( One of our fosters has 9 samoyeds and they are a really lovely breed :) mxx

Re: Collage Slides For Dogs

Wed Jun 29, 2016 5:00 pm

Thanks ! Have you checked out Vidqueen (Choice Slides -- http://choiceslides.com/ ) she has some pet themed stuff? She may also be interested in creating some new stuff if you create a case for her for something that others may also be interested in. I still think you are going to be dealing with an attention span issue if you don't somehow break the shows into multiple shows. Organize them in some way that makes sense to you and your viewers, but, based on my experience (and many others), 800 slides will often result in the viewer falling out of their chair asleep :-)


Re: Collage Slides For Dogs

Thu Jun 30, 2016 1:41 am

Thanks mikey yes I brought the wall of memories & love it so Ive seen choiceslides :) and yes Im trying to rethink it & making a collage of several dogs per slide Ive got it down to 700 now pmsl thanks again :) mxx

Re: Collage Slides For Dogs

Thu Jun 30, 2016 4:42 am


I am not sure that this will solve the problem : if you have 5 photos at a time, you need time to look at each then the total length does not really change...

I agree with the idea of gpsmikey to cut in several shows...

Re: Collage Slides For Dogs

Wed Jul 06, 2016 2:47 pm

In addition to Mikey's comment of splitting the shows, you can split by month perhaps? Dogs adopted in the month of xxxx, 2016


Re: Collage Slides For Dogs

Sun Jul 10, 2016 7:37 am

Thanks for the suggestions Betty & Marie & Mikey & Dean :) mxx
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