Record Slide Timing

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Record Slide Timing

Postby dcastigl » Wed Sep 21, 2011 1:08 am

Record Slide Timing could be a nice feature - if it was modified to show a preview! Like it is now, I consider it as almost useless. I quite often use Slide Styles and also with other slides with more than one layer, it is not possible to know how many images (layers) are shown - and as more layers need more time to be shown, no way to use the actual tool.

If the Record Slide Timing could be performed with the real show preview (small window or full screen, no matter), I would consider this as a real powerful tool!

Also I think that (at least optionally) would be a good thing to keep the actual transitions - be it in style as well as in duration. These transitions are sometimes "dictated" by the content of the slides and thus should be kept. Instead of using mouse and keyboard numbers, it should be rather easy to attribute e.g. the space-bar to perform the transition "as-is".

I really hope that the suggestions get somehow to the developers of Proshow!

Best regards,
Dan Castiglia

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