Zoomable presentations

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Zoomable presentations

Postby niknelb » Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:33 am

I have a suggestion for a feature addition to Proshow which I would value. I recognise that it’s a radical departure from current capability but let me throw it into the pot and see what the reaction is.

If I can use a desktop metaphor for the way Proshow currently works, at the moment for each slide we have a fixed rostrum camera pointing down at our desktop. On the desktop we can place a number of images and words – each in a separate layer. We can bring the layers up to the camera to zoom in on them, move them from side to side, rotate them and so on. We can even, with a bit more effort, bring several layers up to the camera at once and move them independently.

What we can’t do, without immense effort, is effectively to spread out all of layers on the desktop and leave them there whilst we move the camera down to them to zoom and pan around.

Why would I want to do this? Well there’s increasing interest in so-called zooming presentations where all of the material to be viewed is visible and the attention of the viewer is focussed in a linear or non-linear fashion by zooming into parts of the overall scene. If you want to see an example, just look at some of the sample presentations at http://prezi.com/index/. (Try ‘About perspective’). You can’t do this with Proshow without some good maths, a calculator, and an immense amount of work.

What’s the difference with Proshow as it is now? Well zooming presentations seem better suited where the images help illustrate the words on the screen rather captions augmenting the images, which is what Proshow tends to be very good at.

Oh, why not just buy Prezi? Because they have a bizarre business model based upon annual subscriptions which all enthusiasts agree is a big no-no to purchase. On the contrary, Photodex have a very clean and simple model which means that I’ve upgraded every time a new release has come out. I’m not obliged to therefore I do - if that makes sense.

If you want it in a nutshell - move the camera not the layers.

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Re: Zoomable presentations

Postby heckydog » Wed Jul 06, 2011 6:35 am

What you're asking for, in a nutshell, is for ProShow to be a 3D application. Everyone would like that because we all want to be able to move assets in the Z axis instead of just the X and Y axis.

Whether Photodex will ever go in that direction is hard to say but it doesn't hurt to ask. :D It wouldn't be just a feature added to PSP, it would require a major overhaul of the software.

For that type of effect, I use 3rd party software. BluffTitler for true 3D effects, and After Effects for 2.5D effects.

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Re: Zoomable presentations

Postby niknelb » Wed Jul 06, 2011 6:46 am

Well nearly but I'm not quite that demanding!

I use Blufftitler a lot but that does true 3D transforms with perspective views and all. I just want to zoom and pan on the collection of layers - not give the camera complete freedom ('tracking' I guess would be the technical term for this)

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Re: Zoomable presentations

Postby amyloves » Tue Aug 30, 2011 10:03 pm

I just wander when will that time come when Proshow will finally be incorporated with Z-Axis! :D Let's hope for the best soon! Viva Proshow for that :lol: !

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