Simplifying of the tool access

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Simplifying of the tool access

Postby Catapulta » Tue Dec 14, 2010 5:16 am

In comparison to the versions 3.x the versions 4.x of PSProducer have an unnecessarily more complicated access to the tools in the "Slide Options" dialogue window. For example, to set the background, one has to click the "Slide" button first and then, ONCE MORE, to click and choose "Background". If you take into account that the changing of the dialogue windows is now slower than in the older versions, one gets a little bit uneasy with this time-eater. So, please: Could you possibly put ALL THE ELEVEN TOOLS AS A SEPARATE BUTTON OR BOOKMARK at the top of the "Slide Options" dialog window (i.e. "Styles", "Slide settings", "Background", "Layer settings", Video settings, Editing, Motion, Adjustment effects, Caption settings, Caption motion and Sounds)? I do not see the practical reason why to organize these tool windows in a two-level system according to some philosophical criterias, even if they are logical. There is enough space for all the eleven buttons or bookmarks at the two top bars dedicated to these menus now. If I missed some good reasons for not doing this, I apologize - but if the simple way was possible in the 3.x versions, it should not be a problem, should it? Thank you in advance once more.

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