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Future enhancements

Postby pja » Thu Oct 28, 2010 8:53 am

Fonts to have ability to be layered and to be used as masks. Some more transitions for those fonts would be great. In fact, the "lazer" effect would be great...along with it being in the slide transitions. Sound to be added would be great too. I would buy it!

Also, the ability to have a top layer that wouldn't included effected by any styles. Meaning it either be locked at top layer, such as a watermark, without gettings mixed in with other layers being activated within the styles. I tried using watermark but it's limited in settings and sizes. This can be used for thoses that use the slides as a means of advertizing the lower third for sponsorship. Also, if this layer, watermark, can include video and all the abilities with it. Using video lower thirds would be fun.

Thanks and try the veal!!!
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