Output in AVCHD Format

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Output in AVCHD Format

Postby photo.steve » Wed Jun 24, 2009 8:28 am

I would like to see the addition of AVCHD file format along with the Blu-ray format. This would enable the use of standard DVD's to produce extemely high quality shows that can been seen on most all standard Blu-ray players. Currently, the DVD's produced using the current ProShow Producer loose a lot of the quality of the images when shown on a large screen TV. I use Corel's VideoStudio 12 to make my shows in AVCHD for large screen viewing and in ProShow Producer for the web. I would like to do it all from Producer to retain the original high quality of the images.


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Re: Output in AVCHD Format

Postby sheldonk » Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:54 am


I believe if you render your video with the "HD" type selected, the program will produce a AVCHD video. I have to check on this again but I'm pretty sure it works. I use a program form a website called www.jockersoft.com. It is called codecinstaller. The program will tell you which codecs you have on your machine and it can also analyze a file and tell you the codec needed to view it.

I'm 99% sure when I rendered video as described above, the file was AVCHD.



Re: Output in AVCHD Format

Postby dnmilikan » Thu Aug 27, 2009 11:55 pm

I think that with the proper codec installed that it may be possible to input and output AVCHD. The HD selection in Producer probably outputs HDV and that is based on MPG2 whereas AVCHD is based on MPG4 compression. AVCHD is based on the same H.264 standard as Bluray but it differs from Bluray. To the best of my knowledge there are at present three different MPEG 4 codecs. Some of the other formats based on this MPEG 4 standard are Quicktime and DivX in addition to AVCHD and Bluray.The advantage of the three apart from Bluray is that they can be recorded on DVD whereas Bluray needs BD.

The difficulty with MPEG4 is that there is no established government standard for H.264 as there is for MPG2. This makes a possible mismatch between the output and the playing device more likely. The advantage to MPEG4 is that the compression rate is higher than MPEG2 while still maintaining good quality.

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Re: Output in AVCHD Format

Postby nolanz » Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:59 pm

I frequently come back to this request, but despite the apparent need for a high definition output which can be used on most domestic Blueray players, nothing seems to have progressed in the 17 months since the request was first made. Considering the price of Blueray disks, especially if one experiences a write failure, I would have thought it made such good sense to be able to write directly to a DVD, especially rewriteable in high definition. It almost seems that things like transition are more important than putting out a quality product, which shows off the detail in the photographs.

Some of us don't yet even have Blueray players, but we might like to make a copy of our shows onto a relatively cheap DVD for future use. I know, before I got a widescreen 16*9 tv, I made my shows in the old format. Now the old shows are amateur looking. If only I had also made them in 16*9.

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Re: Output in AVCHD Format

Postby nolanz » Thu Oct 13, 2011 12:55 am

Photodex obviously don't see the potential for offering customers the chance to produce full high definition output which can be played on a Blu-ray player without the expense of Blu-ray disks. I for one have a Panasonic AVCHD Blu-ray player. I have had so many disappointments trying all manner of conversion and authoring software without success, but finally EURIKA. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Premium will do the job and do it relatively simply. Using the HD output from Proshow Producer, I simply put the file into this programme and told it to write a DVD with AVCHD content. It took some time, but it really worked. My next step is to create an ISO file and mount this and extract the video from within that. Hopefully it will make the processing easier.

Now it can be done, maybe Photodex might do it simply without additional software. Make a comment and maybe you will help to draw attention to the possibility.

I still love Proshow, but I was getting so frustrated with missing out on this result.

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Re: Output in AVCHD Format

Postby tdew » Thu Oct 13, 2011 4:59 am

Hi, As I stated in an earlier post about having difficulty burning my show to Blu-Ray, I have had great success with the AVCHD format. I've used the HD video files created in Proshow pro with DVD Movie Factory 7 (this is now a Corel product, but I've used it from the beginning when it was a ULead product called CD Movie factory.

The AVCHD format works great in my Sony Blu-Ray player and I don't feel half as bad if the write process fails for some reason.

For anyone who is wondering whether a blu-ray player is something you will use, the newer models come with a wireless connection to your network and will allow you to view other things (Netflix, Amazon Video, music and much more) as well as your shows and they aren't terribly expensive.

AVCHD is definitely something that Photodex should add to the mix.

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