Great Price Match on Canon Mark 5D iii

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Great Price Match on Canon Mark 5D iii

Postby pja » Tue Jul 02, 2013 5:25 pm

Just wanted to pass this information on regarding a great deal I got on the Canon Mark 5D iii for Father's day. I had been pricing this camera since last year online, knowing the local stores will not come close to some of the online sites. These are the sites that push other accessories to make up the difference or sell gray market items. None-the-less, I thought to try to make a purchase, for being a great father, through BestBuy with the price match guarantee. After a few attempts and showing a few sites with the similar discounted price, I got my new baby $1100 under the already discounted listed price! I have recently price matched a few recent purchases through BestBuy and they can through again..! Sick deal...! I ended up buying it at $2369 which was the price match. This was a new camera out of the box.

Props to BestBuy..! You made me a prouder Father..! :-)

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