This may be of interest for the keen photographers.

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This may be of interest for the keen photographers.

Postby Mokummer » Sun Mar 03, 2013 7:52 pm

The Architects-of-air will be visiting many states in the USA, starting 14-20 January in Austin, Texas and many other states. The link to the web site for their schedule and other information.
This information has been sent to Photodex but no reply so far.

Tour dates: Exxopolis
4-7 April - Santa Barbara, California
28 April - 5 May - Houston, Texas
9 - 11 May - Cleveland, Ohio
15-19 May - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
11- 14 July, Lansing, Michigan
22 - August - 2 September - St Paul, Minnesota

Exxopolis will be a different display than Mirazozo but the effects of colour and shapes will still be unique.

I have produced two shows with Producer; one with people and one without for a special request after I posted the show.

The links are here:


Mirazozo-2 No people


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