Photoshop CS6 "feature"

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Photoshop CS6 "feature"

Postby gpsmikey » Fri Nov 02, 2012 8:04 pm

Probably will not affect most people, however, I just discovered a "feature" in Photoshop CS6 - when you edit an image and save it again, the "Maker Notes" that the camera puts in the EXIF header have been removed. At least this is true for my Nikon D300s - it may do it for all cameras or just a select few. Most people don't use the maker notes in the header since shutter speed, date/time and all sorts of other things are in the main part of the header. I ran into this looking for an answer for Rosemary on her D3100 - some of the things missing that were in the maker notes were the total images count (shutter actuations), focus mode, image quality and things like that. While most folks don't use that info from the EXIF, thought I would mention it here since some of us are forever snooping around in odd corners :twisted:

My simple test was to open a jpg from the camera in Photoshop and save it under a new name with no changes. Looking at the EXIF data for the two images in Irfanview, the "maker notes" had vanished in the "edited" image. I should mention if you are looking at the image in Irfanview, the "maker notes" (at least on mine) are right after the gps information and right before the "Thumbnail" info.

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Re: Photoshop CS6 "feature"

Postby DickK » Sat Nov 03, 2012 1:57 pm

A while ago I noticed that PSE would treat anything done with 'save as' as an image created by PSE and not carry some of the camera information over. I didn't figure out exactly what parts got dropped but I did notice the (to me) odd behavior that only some of the camera data got lost but not just information you'd expect PhotoShop to update as part of it's laying claim to having created the new file. Maybe the developers just took a short cut and carried only the metadata they thought people cared about but that's pure speculation on my part of course.
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