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Re: Photo Properties

Postby gpsmikey » Wed Dec 31, 2008 8:19 am

That was pretty funny !! I order a fair amount of stuff from B&H - one of my favorite stores :D Unfortunately, my last purchase seems to have gone into "the twilight zone" (B&H did a great job - it is UPS that screwed it up). Ordered a new tripod and head several weeks ago (came with free shipping). Paid the extra $ for 3 day shipping so I would have it before Christmas - B&H got it out promptly into the UPS system .. UPS has been sitting on it ever since according to their tracking - we had some snow here and UPS seems to have put it into the "archives" or something - according to the tracking, it has been in Redmond (about 10 miles from me) since the 23rd (it was originally scheduled for delivery on the 22nd). Now, the UPS tracking is indicating I *may* get it on the 2nd - not bad for 3 day shipping when it was shipped on the 17th .... grrrrrrrrr :evil:

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