Tut - Including images in your post & screen captures

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Re: Tut - Including images in your post & screen captures

Postby PhilipWeir » Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:07 pm

I was trying to show someone a screen shot by way of explanation to using the help facility in PSP. However, I found that you couldn't directly include an image in a post. So I asked how it could be done and stickgirl pointed me in the right direction. Seemingly you need to put up the image on a server somewhere that can be accessed by this Proshow Enthusiasts board. What happens when you open/read the post is that the regular text is displayed to you but the image is retrieved from the other server and imbedded in the display. i.e. on opening a post the board software resolves the url within the "img-img " tags and displays it within the post.

Does that make sense? I'll explain more fully is anyone wants but mgregg99/Mike may well be the better source of information.



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