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Please post your tutorials here for ProShow Producer only. Provide a lnk if you have a file that can be downloaded by others. This is not a discussion section, but rather a source for sharing tutorials.
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Advanced Intro to User Created Outlines/Shadows

Sun Dec 31, 2017 6:40 pm

ProShow's outlining features are quite underwhelming ... having remained essentially unchanged since they were introduced sometime around 2006 or so.

ProShow's outlines are often not narrow enough or not wide enough. The same goes for ProShow's shadowing feature. If you want or need something other than the woefully limited options provided by ProShow, you are on your own. It helps to have a tool that does the math for you ... making things considerably easier to accomplish. I used my Tools For ProShow to create the effect of outlines, frames, and shadows that would otherwise be extremely difficult or time-consuming to create correctly. This tutorial does not show the Tools for ProShow in action. The values for the various layers used are, however, provided.

This tutorial provides but one example of what can be done with ProShow's feature set using what are effectively user created outlines. You can either use graphics (PSP/PSG) or PSP solid/gradient layers. Gold has a bit of a problem properly handling graphics with translucence (that is, opacity at other than 100%). Also, Gold has no blur capabilities. So, if you're creating outlines/frames in Gold ... you may find yourself adapting your graphics to account for Gold's limitation.

You can review my basic intro for a less involved application of user created outlines: posting.php?mode=edit&f=24&p=177999

Take a look-see on this ... see what you think.

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