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Advanced Intro to Zoom Modifiers (during Tilt)

Sun Nov 27, 2016 3:04 pm

In the previous demonstration (Advanced Introduction to Modifier Zoom), Zoom Modifiers were presented without consideration for the simultaneous use of tilt (vertical or horizontal) and/or rotation on the layer.

Modifiers are are an undocumented feature of ProShow, despite their presence since the release of version 4 some years ago. Some of these modifiers are easy enough to use. However, others, like Zoom Modifiers are not a simple as they first appear. With some investigation, time and effort, their secrets get revealed over time. Sometimes, the secrets revealed come quick and easy. Others aren't quite so willing to become revealed.

The thing about Zoom modifiers is that when tilt is active and non-zero, the calculation of a modifiers if simple and straight-forward. When tilt is not being used, the calculation of the zoom modifier is a bit more involved. It would be nice if zoom modifiers weren't quite so complicated to use ... but, until Photodex does something about it, modifiers remain realm of those with the time to learn their secrets and those willing to take advantage of secrets revealed.


Zoom Modifiers used During Tilt and/or Rotation

Zoom Modifiers - The Basic Relationships

Adding a Zoom Modifier to a Layer
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