Pan Following Tutorials

Please post your tutorials here for ProShow Producer only. Provide a lnk if you have a file that can be downloaded by others. This is not a discussion section, but rather a source for sharing tutorials.
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Pan Following Tutorials

Postby im42n8 » Sun Dec 06, 2015 11:07 am

These are my Pan Following Tutorials all in one location. This is a somewhat comprehensive treatment of how to follow the path of another layer exactly. This set of tutorials also shows how to do the following with and without modifiers. While following the path of another layer is conceptually simple, there are some gotcha's that can complicate things for you if you don't know about them.

Once you've gone over these tutorials, you'll find that you can deal with just about any situation involving following the pan of another layer. This is not a case of discovering that the type of pan following you're trying to work with is a special case.

To help with some of the concepts, I've included a link to the freebie version of my FPVP Tools (Basic) ... they help you calculate layer height, width, and rotate center values (and then some). Sometimes, knowing how wide or tall your layer is can be important. The height and width of a layer changes depending on the selected scale, aspect, and zoom of the layer and the show's aspect. The rotate center feature provided by Photodex is not a fully implemented feature. Before you can effectively use the feature, you need to know that the values of pan and zoom are related to an effective value of rotate center. Without that knowledge, actually doing anything with rotate center center other than rotating (or tilting) the layer on other than a layer's side or corner can be problematic. This FPVP Tools (Basic) can help with the pan following projects you may come up with.

Pan Following Tutorials
Part 1 - Basic (Locked Layers 1)

Part 2 - Locked Layers 2

Part 3 - Captions (Captions Following Captions)

Part 4a - Follow Me (uses a static background)

Part 4b - Follow Me (background moves with the layers)

FPVP Tools (Basic) Spreadsheet tools: MS - Excel and OpenOffice formats.

What's New: Tools for ProShow: v11.42a Access ProShow capabilities Photodex doesn't provide (For PSG & PSP).
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