Using Surround-Sound or HD-Sound in Proshow

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Using Surround-Sound or HD-Sound in Proshow

Postby luele » Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:46 am

Normally you can only produce Non-Sourround Audio in Proshow Producer or Gold.
I developed a workflow for Blu-Ray-Discs. O.K. it's a little tricky but it work - I hope :D

1. Make a show with Proshow (best with your 2.0 - Audio) and let ProsShow make a BR with menu.
2. Open the BR-image and copy the two folders to your HD
3. Go to "Playlist" in the BDMV - Folder and search for the one "00000" (the menu is "00001" - d'ont take this)
4. Open this with the program TSMux R (free) and demux the audio stream
5. In Audition (or any other audio program) make a surround mix (5.1- AC3) from this audio stream
6. Put this audio (or any other BR-conform Audio with the same length / DTS-HD will also go) into the TSMUx R and let TSMux R make a BR-disc (there is no menu)
7. In this new BR you find a new "0000" file in Stream, Playlist, Clipinf, Backup/playlist and Backup/Clipinfo
8. Replace them in the original BDMV-Folder form ProShow from Point 1 and burn it or make a new ISO

Note: If you don't change all "00000-Files" the show is freezing.

I hope I could have helped all 5.1 enthusiasts.

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